Privacy Policy

Processing owner

  • 1. The controller of your personal data is a partnership business “Dinsara Systems & Accounting Solutions”, Reg: No: WK12943, address: 7/B/5, Donald Disanayake Rd, Mudungoda, Sri Lanka (hereinafter referred to as Dinsara Systems), its representative offices, in accordance with the person’s (client’s) country of residence, also other legal persons, involved by “Dinsara Systems & Accounting Solutions.
  • 2. Dinsara Systems provides the short messaging service aided app 4MSMS (hereinafter referred to as the 4MSMS tool), availabe at

Purpose of the Privacy Policy

  • 3. This privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the Privacy policy) is a document which stipulates rules of collecting, storing, processing and managing personal data and other information, personal data volumes, goals and other relevant aspects for using the 4MSMS tool by persons.
  • 4. The Privacy policy applies to all persons (both natural and legal) who use the 4MSMS tool.
  • 5. The Privacy policy is designed to protect and defend personal data of users of the 4MSMS tool against unauthorized use.
  • 6. Dinsara Systems respects the person's right to privacy and shall make all reasonable efforts to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data and other information processed in the 4MSMS tool. In order to protect the information from unauthorized access, use, copying, or disclosure, Dinsara Systems uses a variety of administrative, technical and physical security measures.
  • 7. Personal data collected by Dinsara Systems are processed in accordance with the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data and other legal acts.

Adherence to the Privacy Policy

  • 8. By visiting this page ( and (or) using the information contained therein, and (or) the services, a person acknowledges and confirms that the Privacy policy has been read, it is understood and agreed with. If the person does not agree with the Privacy policy and the conditions laid down therein, he/she shall not be entitled to use the 4MSMS tool and the services of the app.
  • 9. By agreeing to the Privacy policy, the person gives Dinsara systems the right to manage his/her personal data according to the procedure laid down in the Privacy policy.

Personal information collected by the 4MSMS app

  • 10. The Privacy policy applies only to the information which may be collected from persons when using the Services or is regarded as personal information, i.e. information that may be directly related to the person or by which the person may be identified. This Privacy policy shall not apply in respect of information, which is not regarded as personal data.
  • 11. The following personal data is collected by Dinsara systems in the 4MSMS app: name, phone number, email address, country.
  • 12. Dinsara systems receives these data, at the time of signup of the client (
  • 13. Dinsara systems has the right to engage third persons for the purpose of personal data processing - personal data processors (including processors from third countries) in order to ensure the operation of the short messaging service and for the proper development of the tool, i.e. tool administrators, supporters, developers, tool participants, mobile operators or their mediators via which short messages are sent. Such engagement of personal data processors is necessary for the execution of the agreement with the person and for the provision of the service to the person.

Purpose of Collecting Personal Data

  • 14. All data collected in the 4MSMS tool is processed by Dinsara systems for this purpose: to provide short messaging service in the 4MSMS tool.

Use of personal data for internal administration purposes

  • 15. Dinsara Tools has the right to use collected personal data for the purposes of internal administration:
  • 15.1. in order to improve the operation of the 4MSMS tool, its functionality, for better understanding of users’ needs, improving services, etc.
  • 15.2. also, if a person voluntarily provides personal data to Dinsara Tools for some specific reason, Dinsara Tools may use the personal data for the purpose for which they were provided, e.g. if the person contacts Dinsara systems by email, submitting a request for the services in the 4MSMS tool, Dinsara systems uses and saves the personal data submitted in order to provide the answer to the question, resolve the situation, fix the problem and reply to the email address or other specified contact data.
  • 16. Dinsara sytems shall not use any personal data collected by the 4MSMS tool for the purpose of direct marketing.
  • 17. Dinsara systems shall inform 4MSMS tool users in case the need to use personal data for purposes other than those specified in this Privacy policy emerges. In all cases, the Client shall be informed prior to the beginning of collecting personal data.

Personal Data holding Period

  • 18. Dinsara sytems stores collected personal data for not longer than two years from the day the last Short messages were sent.

Principles of Volunteering, Correctness and Integrity of the Data Provision * 19. All information processed by Dinsara Tools shall be provided by persons based on the principles of volunteering, correctness and integrity of information.

Data Disclosure

  • 20. All the above-mentioned personal information constituting personal data shall not be transferred to any third parties without the consent of the person, except for personal data processors engaged by Dinsara sytems and the cases indicated in this Privacy policy, when it is required by the applicable law or for the purpose of the provision of services.
  • 21. Dinsara systems may disclose personal data or information provided by the person when such disclosure is required by the applicable law or competent authorities. Dinsara systems may disclose personal data or information only where this is not prohibited by law and only when objectively justified in a particular case. Dinsara systems undertakes not to disclose personal data to third parties, except in the following cases:
  • 21.1. if there is the person’s consent to disclosure of personal data;
  • 21.2. to law enforcement institutions in accordance with the procedure stated by legal acts in Sri Lanka;
  • 21.3. if necessary to prevent or investigate criminal offenses;
  • 21.4. in other cases stipulated by law.
  • 22. 22. Dinsara systems has the right to, at its discretion, engage other persons for the purpose of performing certain personal data processing functions on behalf of Dinsara systems in case there is a need for such actions. Some personal information may become available to such persons for them to be able to perform the assigned functions. However, in such cases, Dinsara systems shall ensure that such persons are not able to use this information for any other purpose, except to the extent necessary to perform the functions assigned to them.

Cookies and Website Traffic

  • 23. Dinsara systems can use cookies on the 4MSMS tool. Cookies are small files sent to a web browser and stored on personal computer's hard disk. Cookies are transferred to a personal computer upon first visiting the website. Later, the cookies are used to identify the personal computer and facilitate access to the website or the information contained therein. The person accepts the use of cookies. Most web browsers accept cookies, but the person can change the browser settings so that cookies would not be accepted. However, in this case, some functions may not work.
  • 24. Like most website managers, Dinsara systems monitors traffic of the 4MSMS tool and the website and tracks the number of visitors who are visiting the website, the domain name of the Internet service provider of a visitor, etc. Such information is collected automatically when visiting the website. It helps the website manager to understand the way the visitors use the website and improve the services provided by Dinsara systems.

Final Provisions

  • 25. Dinsara Tools reserves the right to amend the provisions of the Privacy policy at any time, and such amendments shall enter into force upon their publishing on the website Therefore, persons visiting the website and using the Services are advised to always get acquainted with the latest version of the Privacy policy which applies to the person visiting the website and using the Services.